Manic Focus Transcends Genres Across LP, Never Not Blue

Manic Focus Never Not Blue

Manic Focus – Never Not Blue

Manic Focus is back in action, and we couldn’t be happier. The Denver-based producer has come to be known for his exceptional range of talents. These include being a magician, as well as an electronic artist. One who produces vibrant, genre-defying music at that. He has a unique style defined by a hybrid of electronic, funk, soul, and hip-hop, with a fervent fanbase captivated by his immersive studio trickery and vibrant creative spirit.

His bipolar diagnosis in 2007 became a driving factor in his creative processes, leading to endless musical ingenuity. His seventh studio album, Never Not Blue showcases his growth as a multi-genre artist. If you’re into good music, this is an LP you do not want to miss.

Never Not Blue takes the listener on a journey through the different emotional states of a manic episode, giving context to the LP’s thematic content. In the process, this provides a cohesive thread across the tracklist. It’s a holistic representation of Manic Focus’ artistry and mental health journey, cementing him as a defining voice in electronic music.

Firstly, the album’s lead single, “You Do You,” is an epic bass-infused cut. One that introduces a new Manic Focus era, in explosive fashion. Similarly, the rest of the album is full of similarly evocative, boundary-pushing tracks. One such track is “Good Intentions“. “Good Intentions” is a jubilant tune, one with emotional melodies & heart-tugging vocal samples which we find to be appropriately residing in the Healing Stage of the LP.

Manic Focus on the album:

This album is very special to me. It will take you on a journey through many of the emotions I experience in a manic episode – from the confidence, through the chaos, to the euphoric states, but ultimately ending on a positive note.

In conclusion, Manic Focus is an exceptional artist whose music and story are worth exploring. His unique style, mental triumphs, and creative processes make him stand apart from other producers in the industry. With “Never Not Blue,” Manic Focus has proven once again that he is a master of his craft and has created an album that is both emotionally resonant and sonically groundbreaking. I’ve gone ahead and linked my personal favorite, ‘Good Intentions’ below. Lastly, the full album can be found here, enjoy!

Manic Focus – Never Not Blue

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