Lane 8 Declares Spring Early With His 2023 Spring Mixtape

Fans mark season changes with Lane 8’s mixtapes not by the calendar. Spring arrived on March 2nd for us as Daniel released his Spring mixtape, earlier than the groundhog prediction.

Lane 8 played a three hour sunset set at Miami’s We Belong Here last weekend and will be playing at CRSSD this weekend. The mixtape is a great warm up for his return to San Diego. The three hours of the mixtape features an extraordinary 21 IDs.

Tradition continues with Daniel starting off the mixtape with IDs – two to be precise. His mix tells a story as the tracklist he curates is a magnificent selection. The way the tracks blend into each other is stellar and take us into an eloquent musical realm. Listeners are taken on a journey with tracks from Amtrac, Embrz, Le Youth, Bonobo, Luttrell, Yotto and many more. IDs from Ocula, Jerro, Sultan & Shepard, Massane are part of the 21 to name a few. You can find the tracklist here:

Earlier this year, Goldstein announced his summer gatherings and those would be his only headline shows along with festivals. The summer gatherings will be in New York, San Francisco and Colorado.

Enjoy the end of winter with the mixtape out on all streams!