Judge Rules That Miami Beach Can Impose 2AM Last Call on Story Nightclub

UPDATE (March 17th): sources report that enforcement of the new rule has been delayed until after Miami Music Week. STORY will be able to operate as usual at least for ten more days. Click here for more information on the matter.

Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Reemberto Diaz has denied a request for a temporary injunction filed by a nightclub after the last call rollback south of 5th was approved by the commission last month. This has cleared the way for the city of Miami Beach to change last call for alcohol after a Story Nightclub took the city to court arguing the move is unconstitutional.

This court document is a victory for the city and an unfortunate loss for nightlife in the area as many livelihoods could now be on the line. In 2022, voters told city leaders to change last call from 5 AM to 2 AM. After years of trying to get this done, the new last call will go into effect before the weekend. This would come just before the start of Miami Music Week and it also happens to be spring break season. The new last call for south of 5th only makes exceptions for neighborhood bars with 100 occupancy or less.

That means STORY will not be able to sell alcohol after 2AM, even during Music Week. Story has alleged that it makes 80% of its revenue on alcohol sales between 2 and 5AM. The Mayor plans to similarly target other areas of Miami Beach, one at a time.