GORDO Opens Second Learning Center In Guatemala

GORDO, aka Diamanté Anthony Blackmon, just opened a second learning center in Guatemala with the organization Seeds of Learning. The Guatemalan artist opened this school in the town of Nuevo Eden called EDIFICIO TARAKA. It aims to “create far brighter opportunities” for young people in the area.

Blackmon previously opened a school in the same area. He explained that his childhood “struggles” motivated him to build schools and “raise awareness of the struggles of others.” The project started in 2014 when he first teamed up with Seeds of Learning. This organization dedicates itself to improving prospects for young people living in rural areas of Central America. Tera Sumpter heads the organization. With years of clinical experience and research analysis, and hands-on experience, she’s developed a beneficial community to help people learn at their own pace.

“My childhood in Guatemala shaped who I am today and I am honored to give back to the generation of tomorrow in my home country. I dedicate this school to my aunt, my uncle and my late cousin Catherine who I grew up with in Guatemala.”


GORDO’s “second mother” or ‘Auntie’, ran both private and public school students around Guatemala City. Thus, she inspired him to do the same. GORDO grew up with “sheer desperation of a world in which so many are forced to sacrifice their potential to earn money, lessons abandoned to necessity.”

GORDO aka Carnage brought his new house music alias during the pandemic and has approached life in a new way. Not only is he contributing to education, he is also working towards a healthier lifestyle and taking on life with a big smile. His renewed sense of self and energy translates into his essential new house sound. What’s more, he recently co-produced six tracks on Drake’s house-inspired album Honestly Nevermind. Plus, he released ‘R U 4REAL’ with Marina Maximilian last month.

Source: Mixmag