Fideles Enthralls with Two Track EP on Tale of Us’ Afterlife

The release includes a slammer of a Melodic Techno remix from CamelPhat.

As a label dedicated to “deeply emotional electronic music”, Afterlife is no stranger to Fideles’ sound. Since forming in 2010, the Italian-Canadian Melodic Techno duo has spread its wings across the scene. From getting plays by Solomon to performing B2B with John Digweed, and now arriving with a spectacular official remix from CamelPhat, they are having quite a career.

As a DJ, or in the case of Fideles, a pair of them, there are many tiers of respect that another artist can give you. While the impact starts with the standing of this artist in the dance music world, what they do with their standing is the true act of force. As such, having an official remix by CamelPhat is among the highest honors in Melodic Techno.

The release of ‘Night After Night (CamelPhat Remix)’ has been long anticipated, finally hitting (official) streaming today. The vocals offer a warm bed for the hard-hitting high energy end-of set-“WOOOO”-inspirer that is the drop. It’s giving me goosebumps, and I think my goosebumps are dancing, too.

Good news- it comes with some original snacks, too.

The following song in this release ‘Overcome'(s) us with the radiant afterglow of its fierce intention as Fideles’ melody throws track one’s energy into a more progressive journey. Having worked with label runners Tale of Us before, the duo knows what Afterlife wants and over-delivers. This continuation takes my arm into an expressive palette of analog bliss that I’m excited to throw on a road trip playlist. I’m tasting notes of Nightdrive by Kavinski basted with classical modes and dipped in a hard Melodic Techno shell. Beautiful. There’s nothing like music that puts me in a trance and makes me want to break the speed limit.

Well, that’s exactly what Fideles and CamelPhat have done here, at least metaphorically. Please drive safely, you four, your listeners want you to stick around.