Draeden Taps a Cyberpunk Twist on Danny Olson & yetep’s ‘Melting’

Montreal based producer Draeden is one artist to watch for his diverse musical knowledge and immense sound design. His passion for music started in rock and metal and from there he dipped his toes into hip-hop, pop, classical and more. When he got into producing dance music, he’s a wizard when he sprinkles his eclectic tastes into his numerous sonically charge soundscapes. Draeden has released EPs and songs on Kannibalen Records, Ophelia Records, Dim Mak Records, Epic Music World and more. And now in 2023, he breathes new air into yetep and Danny Olson’sMelting‘.

Known for his interest in sci-fi and cyberpunk, Draeden infuses a futuristic twist to ‘Melting’ with whirling cyberpunk elements. Don’t let the soft instrumental intro trick you as the glitchy dubstep synths pack quite a punch. Going into the second drop, an explosive bassline propels listeners with an energetic boost to finally end with haunting vocals.

Here’s what the Montreal phenom had to say about the remix:

“My remix is an industrial cinematic bass song with intricate basslines and enigmatic ambiance” – Draeden

Out now on Insomniac Record’s Lost in Dreams, listen to the remix down below!