Carl Cox Remixes Nicole Moudaber in New Release, ‘Intentionally’

The superstar Techno DJs have a long-running relationship

Carl Cox is a legendary DJ and producer who has been at the forefront of dance music for decades. He’s known as one of the best DJs in the world, having ended a 15-year residency at Space Ibiza in 2015. Currently, he’s sitting snug at DC-10.

His remix of Moudaber “Intentionally” takes the original’s drive and brings it to a lower, dronier tone (is dronier a word? I’m making it a word). I’ll just say listening to this makes me feel very laid back.

Nicole Moudaber

There’s something about the pad that persists in this song-its harmonics create a vision of bliss and connection that I’m happily aligning with. If you read any of my other articles, I’m clearly partial to this kind of music. Yet, out of all the songs I could name following the same formula, I’m putting this in high-mid tier. It’s no age of love, but it does the trick.

I personally prefer it to the original track.

Whatever the consensus may be, I say Cox’s remix of “Intentionally” is a notable addition to his impressive body of work. It speaks as a testament to his continued relevance in the dance music scene.

Listen to the track below: