ANNA Announces Debut Album Drop Date With Single Release

After weeks of teasing fans, DJ and producer ANNA has announced a three-part surprise—the drop of her debut album, her signing to Mercury KX and her new single. Her album Intentions will release on May 19 and ANNA has described it as capturing “the purest longing for the universal power of love. It’s borne out of a deep well of love that exists inside of me, and an enduring appreciation for all that we call ‘life.’”

ANNA is from Brazil but currently based in Lisbon. She has worked in music for more than 22 years and is appreciated worldwide for her work in techno, from her production to her high-energy sets. Her debut album will be different from what her fans have come to expect. It is described as an ambient album and a melding of meditative instruments like flutes with her energetic beats.

In the Instagram post detailing her journey to this album, ANNA noted she was hesitant people would embrace this breakaway from her typical sound, describing it as, “a merging of two worlds, a dance between the chaos and the stillness.” The artist also mentioned a “a powerful spiritual experience” in 2017 that changed how she produces and experiences music. She didn’t get into any details but said she would discuss this private experience more in coming days.

The producer has signed with Mercury KX, a label well-versed in ambient music, and collaborated with ambient music legend, Laraaji. Laraaji is an American multi-instrumentalist specializing in piano, zither, and mbira. She teased that the album will also feature “dream remixes” but is leaving those a surprise for now.

Listen to “Receiving” now or watch the meditative visualizer.