A Look Into Dreamscape’s Revolutionary Social Media-Based Music Promotion

Record labels give artists credibility because listeners are sure that the music produced is good. The labels help make the artists great by investing more in finding, nurturing, and promoting new artists. Besides this, labels promote artists by leveraging connections at various online outlets. Dreamscape understands the value of every artist and elevates their music to reach a larger audience.

Dreamscape is a digital record label built around a YouTube channel that launches in October 2020. In music, many ideas are not executed due to a lack of funds, and only those who are ready to go against all the norms and build a name from scratch can succeed. Initially, Dreamscape was just an idea. What got the brand off the ground was the team’s decision to use the power of Youtube and social media to do organic promotions for music. Within a short time, Dreamscape grew to become one of the best record labels. It was built to support upcoming artists and artists who view themselves as small and give them a stage where they can pour their hearts out in music. The now renowned record label is focused on fostering many artists and releasing their music to be listened to all over.

This proficient label has continued to promote artists through other social media platforms like TikTok and Spotify. øneheart, a music artist signed onto the label, is an excellent example of someone who has benefited from Dreamscape. He launched his career by being featured on Dreamscape and now has over 5 million monthly listeners on Spotify and a dedicated fanbase at the tender age of 16.

In less than two years, Dreamscape gained over 170 million views on YouTube, and its management sent them a 100,000 subscriber plaque. Their biggest release, øneheart & Reidnshi’s Snowfall, has surpassed over 100M streams on Spotify alone, with over 500K videos on TikTok and 40000 Instagram Reels, becoming a great hit. As a prominent electronic label, their releases have charted on Spotify and Shazam, and even the legendary Snoop Dog used their music in a comedic Instagram post.

Despite its stellar track record, Dreamscape’s road to success has had its share of challenges. The biggest hurdle was the lack of funds and navigating the complexities of the business. But they continued to utilize YouTube to promote more music, allowing the label to get exposure for its artists through organic sharing while working within a small budget. Inspired by their title, “Dreamscape,” the label’s team focused on the dreamy visual aesthetic and sound that differentiated them from other brands. Still, they have acquired a loyal fanbase inspired by the imaginary world, garnering a vast audience across all social media platforms.

For the team at Dreamscape, succeeding in music is about working towards something you are passionate about. The record label also started as a passion project for its founders, and now it has become much more. The Dreamscape team emphasizes that they are happy to make people feel good and are thrilled when they receive countless messages from supporters mentioning how their label helped them overcome personal issues and gave them a platform to discover new artists.

The label hopes to continue developing a community of artists and help their music reach a large number of people through their platforms. Their ultimate goal is to get over 1,000,000 subscribers on Youtube and be featured in a movie or TV show, preferably in the sci-fi genre, but most of all, they want to be able to adapt to the ever-changing music industry.