W&W Release Massive Track, ‘Oblivion’

Leave it to dutch duo W&W to create your next festival anthem. Their new track ‘Oblivion‘ makes listeners sore with its massive synths and thick drum groove. Also, on the track is their trance alias NWYR. Together, the two styles made a dance masterpiece suited for any festival stage around the world.

W&W is a staple in the world of dance music festivals. Stage promotors seek out the duo to play main stage constantly due to their massive sound and ability to captivate an audience of thousands. It is hard to find a festival they have not played anywhere across the globe. Their sixteen years behind the decks are filled with many happy fans and followers. The have created their trance alias, NWYR to provide a new and deeper sound that is built on the genre of Trance. You can hear that in W&W’s new track ‘Oblivion’.

W&W with fellow superstar Hardwell

The professional production behind W&W’s new track

You could say W&W’s ‘Oblivion’ lives up to its name. It sends the listener down a euphoric journey of constant tension build and release. W&W has mastered their ability to make a sound seem bigger than the world itself. You can hear for yourself within the first minutes of play time.

In detail, the new track starts off with a drum groove capable of being mixed into any transition. The surrounding synths carry the listener into the new song section preparing them for that classic W&W build. The builds, made up organic claps, drums and a stylistic and massive synth foretells the drops perfectly. The drops, emphasizes the techno collaboration of their alter ego, NWYR. It packs a serious dance punch that could turn anyone into a techno head.

Stream and conclusion

W&W is the perfect example of a DJ duo that knows how to stay on top of their industry. They explore new styles with new alias at the same time as innovating their classic W&W style. This duo will stay on million dollar lineups until they choose otherwise.

You can stream ‘Oblivion’ below.