White House Pushing Law Targeting Service Fees From Ticketmaster

If you have bought concert tickets, you know it usually comes with hefty fees. Whether it be Ticketmaster or Stubhub, along the way you end up paying a ridiculous amount on just fees alone. There are plenty of memes about it and there is nothing we can do. If you want to see your favorite artist, fees are just a part of the experience.

However, those days might be nearing a close. At least the huge service fee part. The White House is now pushing legislation that targets these crazy service fees. This came after Live Nation reported its highest quarterly attendance ever in November. The White House promised to work on and pass the Junk Fee Prevention Act. This act also mentions hidden fees from Credit Cards.

President Biden urged congress this week to pass the bill. Ticket fees actually represent a smaller part of this bill as it is largely targeted at penalties of credit card late fees. But as music people, we like that these fees are mentioned!

The president indicated that the legislation would “ban four of the most frustrating charges Americans face.” These refer to fees for selecting specific seats on flights, hotels’ resort fees, early termination penalties (for cable, internet, and cell services alike), and ticket fees. President Biden had this to say:

“And fourth, you should lower the huge service fees that companies like Ticketmaster slap onto tickets for concerts or sporting events that can easily add hundreds of bucks to a family’s night out”

We all can now hope this legislation gets passed.