WHIPPED CREAM Produces Heart-Wrenching Single ‘The Dark’

WHIPPED CREAM linked up with recording artist Jasiah and Crimson Child to produce a heart-wrenching piece called ‘The Dark‘. Their ear-pleasing single is the perfect blend of melodic prowess and bass. 

From the get-go, you feel like you’re listening to a choir or orchestra with an electronic twist. The vocals build you up to the bass crescendo that’ll have you headbanging. Additionally, ‘The Dark’ goes much deeper than the music; it’s about the push and pull that comes with loving another.

Check out what WHIPPED CREAM said about her latest track:

“There is love in holding on, and there is love in letting go. ‘The Dark’ is inspired by the concept of picking up a rose – it looks incredibly inviting and beautiful to hold, but it can puncture the skin. It’s about a relationship where one person hasn’t cut out their toxic behaviours, and although beautiful underneath, they still damage the one they love most. It’s learning to finally let go of what might be so beautiful yet painful and unhealthy and head into the unknown, ‘the dark’.”

Moreover, the Australian DJ has a forthcoming EP, Someone You Can Count On, which is coming out on March 8, 2023. She’s already starting 2023 strong with a new single and EP; we’re excited to see what else she has in store this year. 

Keep those eyes peeled on her social pages for the latest updates on WHIPPED CREAM, and listen to ‘The Dark’ below.

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