VIRAL TIK TOK DJ: The Phenomenon of DJ Horizon’s 40 MILLION+ VIEWS

TikTok has become a platform that has brought new talents to light, and one such talent is DJ Horizon. With over 40 million views, DJ Horizon has quickly risen to fame as a viral TikTok DJ, captivating audiences with his innovative remixes and electrifying performances.

DJ Horizon’s most famous TikTok video, the “Jiggle Jiggle Video,” has garnered 33.7 million views and has become a major hit among audiences worldwide. The video features DJ Horizon remixing Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money” with Louis Theroux’s viral song “Jiggle Jiggle.” Performed in front of over 5,000 people at a festival in Brisbane, Australia, the video went viral and remains relevant to this day.

Another well-received TikTok video from DJ Horizon is the “Mercy to Teach Me How to Dougie” video, which has received over 5 million views. This video highlights DJ Horizon’s inventive talent as he blends Kanye West’s “Mercy” with the classic hit “Teach Me How to Dougie” by Cali Swag District, resulting in an explosive reaction from the crowd. The video’s viral popularity has sparked a viral dance trend on TikTok, with more than 35,000 dance creations inspired by the video.

DJ Horizon is a prime example of the potential for success on TikTok, with his viral videos showcasing his exceptional remixing skills and electrifying performances. With over 40 million views and counting, DJ Horizon is a rising star in the world of TikTok DJs, and his popularity is only set to increase.