Tim Clark Releases Powerful Dance Anthem ‘Forgiving Hearts’

In anticipation of Valentine’s Day, Tim Clark cooked up a dance anthem ‘Forgiving Hearts.’ Take one listen to Tim Clark’s new single and it is clear that this song comes at the perfect time. Tim Clark and Robin Vane created the tune to be emotionally charged. The heart-wrenching lyrics tell the story of a relationship that has endured the hardships of addiction and found a path to forgiveness.

The instrumental is a beautiful fusion of pop and dance elements, complete with a hypnotic bassline and ethereal soundscapes. It features pulsing rhythms and soaring melodies. The drop has a massive bass ready to get your body moving.

Tim has been on quite a journey since founding the innovative Tradebloc Inc. He has since ventured further into his career as a DJ and producer, with international tours, a record deal with Warner Music Group, and a string of hit songs such as ‘Wake Up’ and ‘Can’t Sing’.

‘Forgiving Hearts’ is another demonstration of Tim’s ability to craft melodic masterpieces, and it serves as a heartfelt tribute to his wife. His impressive track record and signature sound prove that the future is looking very bright. Make sure to check it out below!