This Dating App Will Find Your Soulmate Through Your Music Preferences

Find your next partner through music compatibility? That’s what Vinylly promises—the new “inclusive dating app focused 100% on music compatibility,” according to CEO and founder, Rachel Van Nortwick.

How does Vinylly work?

According to Van Nortwick, Vinylly takes a user’s streaming music data and their music habits to find matches with a similar music taste. Don’t worry, you still have the ability to swipe but Vinylly believes they’re matching people on a deeper level through this shared interest. When a user streams more music, the algorithm picks up on this change will offer up new matches, according to the user’s latest listens.

Vinylly launched their own profile generator in 2022 but users can also choose to sync their Spotify accounts instead. Users can also share their playlists—in 2022, they saw more than 21,000 playlists viewed—and chat to other users with music-based openers.

How does music help find your match?

On their site, Vinylly says, “Studies have shown that when we listen to music, our brains release dopamine, which in turn makes us happy. For many, that enjoyment is heightened by sharing it with someone else. Connections made through music can be very meaningful, especially if music plays a big role in someone’s life.” As regular concert-goers, we can certainly speak to that shared connection that comes from feeling the beat drop as one crowd.

In a blog post by Vinylly, they stated that, “Many dating apps today are based on superficial qualities, like swiping and matching based on appearances. Vinylly, however, allows you to connect with people on less of a surface-level, and more of a music-level.” They say that a shared music interest gives users just enough of something in common to spark conversation but also encourages an expansion of their music libraries.

What does the future of Vinylly look like?

Last week, Van Nortwick announced the dating app is working with the live music industry to connect music fans even before events.

Their most recent partnership was with ZONA Music Festival, a two-day fest out of Phoenix, Arizona. Not only did this allow fans to connect via the app and find fellow festival-goers but there was also a dedicated viewing deck where single fans could hang out and potentially meet a match. 

A massive music lover herself, Van Nortwick founded Vinylly in 2016. The app launched in 2019 and has grown over 12,000% since. We’re here for any app that fosters a sense of community among music fans. Check out Vinylly for yourself.