Sultan + Shepard Release Final Album Single ‘Zima’

Sultan + Shepard Zima

Sultan + Shepard – Zima with Delhia de France

Sultan + Shepard team up with Delhia de France to release their single ‘Zima’. This is the fourth and final single from their upcoming album Forever, Now releasing on February 17 via This Never Happened. Fans would recognize this as ID 9 from Daniel’s winter mixtape released this year.

‘Zima’ has the mesmerizing vocals of Delhia who collaborated her dark lyrics to this deep song. The lightness of her voice along with her sexy delivery takes listeners through a melancholic journey. It is a track that asks the deeper questions about longing, separation and time passing. According to Sultan + Shepard this song was initially an instrumental track right before they received Delhia’s version with her vocals.

We fell in love with it and spent time going back and forth with her until we finished it. We discovered she wasn’t just a great singer and writer, but also an amazing producer who inspired us with fantastic elements that gave this song a unique edge. Her lyrics are dark, mysterious, and beautiful and really turned our initial instrumental into a song.

This is Delhia’s first collaboration with the duo as well as the label This Never Happened. She has been diving into melancholic Alt-Pop electronica music lately.

Sultan + Shepard start their Forever, Now tour on February 17 in Dallas the release day of their album. They will be covering 20 different North American cities as their first headline tour kicks off. Check out the tour dates and buy tickets here. You can preorder their album here and checkout their tracklist below.

Sultan + Shepard – Zima with Delhia de France

Forever, Now Tracklist

  1. Sirens
  2. Making Time feat. Julia Church
  3. Losing Ground feat. Tishmal
  4. Concorde
  5. Elenore feat. Andrew Belle
  6. Neptune
  7. You Already Know feat. Benjamin Roustaing
  8. Maybe I was feat. PJ Harding
  9. RnR
  10. Zima feat. Delhia de France
  11. Forever Now