Rapper FRANKLIN WWT Talks About His Challenging Journey and Success

Among the list of several talented rappers in the UK, one popular name is FRANKLIN WWT. The hip-hop artist creates music that greatly impacts the UK rap scene. From collaborating with his brother to dropping exciting singles that receive millions of views, the artist has come a long way in his career. 

Rapper FRANKLIN WWT runs his own YouTube channel where he drops his new tracks. Some songs he has released are Busy, Baby, #20, Nadje and many more. His music videos have nearly 4-5 million views. Seeing the huge response his rap songs and music videos receive, the hip-hop artist keeps working on more exciting tracks.

In the UK rap scene, FRANKLIN WWT continues to push boundaries and pioneer new territory thanks to his songs and distinctive style, which has won him a great following. With love for his work and a commitment to making both inspiring and enjoyable music, he is a very well-known figure in the field.

Today, FRANKLIN WWT is a well-known name in the UK rap industry, especially in London. He is walking the path of success with enough confidence and style. But like every dreamer and artist, the rapper’s journey has also seen several challenges. But that didn’t stop him from going forward in his life and career.

When asked about the challenges and how he overcame them, hip-hop artist FRANKLIN WWT shared, “As a rapper and a rising star, my motive has always been to create a fusion of Albanian music and gritty London sounds. I wanted to present songs that have innovative and authentic style which will make me stand out. I am very dedicated, love to explore my cultural roots and always open to experimenting with different genres. All this has helped me create music that is fresh and timeless. But there were challenges. Things don’t always fall in place the way you expect.”

Rapper FRANKLIN stated that instead of getting affected by the challenges, he decided to stay focused and continue doing his work. He shared, “My determination and hard work eventually paid off. I didn’t stress a lot about the difficulties. I always keep this optimistic approach in everything I do.”

Listen to the rapper’s music here on Youtube.