P.O.S Presents Stellar Two-Part EP ‘Polar Bears/Thunder & Sunshine’

The Above & Beyond member continues his solo branch with this release, which includes a long-awaited ID and his contribution to the Volume 16 compilation.

Paavo Siljamäki has struck again. Ahead of his first album as his P.O.S alias (for which we still haven’t got a release date), he surprises the world with a two-part release, announced just two days ago. The EP’s A-side is the magnificent ‘Polar Bears‘ in collaboration with Spencer Brown, a track both of them have been playing for months and which, in true Spencer fashion, has become one of their most anticipated IDs, having been played in sets like SB’s Burning Man 2022, and Paavo’s Anjunadeep Open Air Los Angeles. B-side on the other hand is Paavo’s first official lone work being released: ‘Thunder & Sunshine‘, the mighty track from the Anjunabeats Volume 16 compilation, which was first played 2,000 metres over sea level, atop Guatapé, Colombia, during Above & Beyond’s Cercle set. Watch said set right below.

Polar Bears

This song is the perfect example of a collaboration. It screams Spencer Brown all over, as much as it screams Paavo. The dirty kick, fast-paced shakers and hats, and the overall dark SB beat make a beautiful contrast to P.O.S’ hopeful arpeggios, uplifting pluck melody, and piano chords. The break is absolute bliss: if you don’t find yourself raising your arms high up, listen to it again until you do. I believe it’s this antithesis that makes the song special. It sucks you into its atmosphere, to then drop you to the dancefloor.

Thunder & Sunshine

Get ready for some tribal sounds with this one! This one is an injection of rhythm, it enters your bloodstream. Many elements in here seem to be borrowed from Samba, which comes to explain why the beat just holds to you and doesn’t let go. Pair that up with some key Trance arpeggio slowly opening up to a whole buildup, long-lasting reverbs from percussion, and this very catchy melody, and you’ve got the recipe for an amazing track.

You’re in for a ride with this one. Do I have any complaints? Yes. I need 10-minute versions of both bangers right now. In all seriousness, though, Paavo’s EP is an excellent piece of work. Listen to the full P.O.S’ ‘Polar Bears/Thunder & Sunshine’ release on Spotify down below, or click here to support it any other way you like. Also, this is your friendly reminder that in case you want to catch him playing his music, Mr. Siljamäki is hitting the road from next month for his ‘Deeper Tales’ tour. Read this article to see dates.