NGHTMRE Releases First Song of 2023—Remix of Sub Focus’ ‘Ready to Fly’

English DJ Sub Focus released ‘Ready to Fly,’ with English DJ and producer Dimension late in 2022 to moderate success. Popular LA-based DJ, NGHTMRE, put his own spin on the track as his first drop of the year.

The DJ, producer, songwriter and sound engineer, Nicolaas Douwma, otherwise known as Sub Focus, has been releasing music since 2003. However, it wasn’t until 2009 that he dropped his self-titled debut album. His most recent song, ‘Ready to Fly,’ has a number of remixes but, most notably, is NGHTMARE’s take.

The original track is high-paced and a little frantic with a quick tempo and cymbal clashes. NGHTMRE paid homage to the original ‘Ready to Fly’ but adds his specific sound and a mechanical overlay to it, as well as the heavy beats he’s known for.

NGHTMRE has been active for nearly 10 years and has seen enormous success with songs like ‘GUD VIBRATIONS‘ and ‘TTM‘ and by collaborating with artists like Slander, Wiz Khalifa, Zomboy and Oliver Tree.

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