Music LM, a New Google AI Can Turn Text Captions Into Music

Google has been crushing the AI game once again with their latest tool, MusicLM. This groundbreaking technology has been trained on a massive dataset of 280k hours of music, giving it the ability to generate songs of significant complexity and style ranging from jazz to Berlin techno. The results are mind-blowing, with MusicLM delivering everything from melodic techno to a fusion of reggaeton and electronic dance music. And get this, the tool can even generate songs from existing melodies like a hummed tune or whistled melody!


While it remains to be seen just how human the Music LM generated music will sound, the potential for MusicLM to change the game in the music industry is huge. The examples in the academic paper will blow your mind. With input like “fast-paced and upbeat arcade game soundtrack” leading to a catchy electric guitar riff. Google has no immediate plans to release MusicLM yet, but with AI’s impact on music production and DJing on the rise, it’s only a matter of time before we see this game-changer hit the scene.

Firstly, for a link to the original tweet, follow this link, or check it out below. Secondly, be sure to check out Google’s groundbreaking MusicLM, here. Lastly, there is a snipper of melodic techno track they had the Music LM generate on the above-posted link. This is worth checking out in and of itself, enjoy!

[H/T]- DJMag