Excision and Sullivan King Collaborate to Create ‘Fall Apart’

Excision and Sullivan King are back at it with their banging track ‘Fall Apart‘. Both artists are at the top of the bass game, and the new tune is a fine example of why they are at the summit.

‘Fall Apart’ starts slowly with Sullivan King’s ominous guitar riffs and mysterious vocals, bringing us to the first heavy drop. The talented producer, guitarist, and vocalist loved making the track and is beyond satisfied with the final result; here’s what Sullivan King said about it:

“Fall Apart” really quickly became one of my favorite tracks for the record, mainly because it has this really raw nu metal/2000’s rock influence to it, which is something I definitely grew up on and loved,” Sullivan King continues.

“It’s a really simple song that doesn’t have a ton of complicated layers, which is something I’ve really appreciated learning from Jeff. I habitually tend to overthink/overdo things on a song and end up having to pull back from the chaos I throw into a project or idea, but Jeff is fantastic when it comes to making sure things are directionally clear and sonically understandable. Incredibly stoked for our 4th collab together, it really feels like the perfect mesh of all our prior tracks!”

Before releasing their new track together, the duo played a massively anticipated B2B set at Lost Lands last year. And in addition, both artists are active in their careers, touring constantly and releasing music.

Make sure to go check out what’s new with Excision and Sullivan King on their socials, and remember to listen to ‘Fall Apart’ below.