David Guetta Used AI To Create Deepfake Eminem Bootleg [Watch]

David Guetta just took the AI hype one step further, the french legend revealed an AI-created Eminem vocal. Guetta used the vocals for a bootleg he played and shared through his social media. The AI-generated sound had the voice of Eminem saying: “This is the future rave sound, I’m getting awesome and underground”.

The footage was from one of Guetta’s shows where he played the bootleg. He later shared the clip on his solutions with an explanation of how he managed to generate the Eminem vocals through AI.

Let me introduce you to… Emin-AI-em”

Guetta also clarified that he “obviously” won’t be releasing the edit commercially.

There’s something that I made as a joke and it worked so good. I could not believe it…People went nuts.

David Guetta

The process of making the vocals went through two steps. The first one was by using a website where Guetta requested a verse about Future Rave, written in the style of Eminem. He then took the verse and used another AI website to rap the lyrics with a deep fake Eminem voice.

Watch the moment Guetta dropped “Emin-AI-em” below.