Charlotte de Witte Launches Soy Sauce Brand in Partnership With Brewery

If she delighted your ears on the dancefloor, she might also please your palate with this unexpected piece of news.

Charlotte de Witte. It’s fairly unlikely you haven’t heard of her, given how big she’s got over the years. She’s basically one of the top artists in Techno at the moment, headlining the greatest festivals and putting all attendees to move their feet to her infectious beats. It’s fairly likely, though, that you’ve never heard of her making headlines in the culinary world. Well, they say there’s a first time for everything. Charlotte’s launching a soy sauce brand, and we’re all for it.

The Belgian producer has come together with Tomasu, the only European soy sauce microbrewery, to create ‘Tears of Soy‘, a product that offers an original Hop soy sauce. This, as the result of conversations both parties had been holding since 2020 regarding a collaboration. In Tomasu’s words, “both parties invited the other party into their worlds. And that, to say the least, kind of clicked“. Read more about the story as told by the Rotterdam-based brewery themselves by clicking this link.

‘Tears of Soy’.

de Witte sounds quite happy about their product, judging by her Instagram post (scroll to the bottom of the page to check it out). Apparently, she goes pretty hard on the salty sauce. Don’t believe us? Treat yourself to a video of her drinking it from the bottle without letting out a single grimace. The limited-edition bottle of sauce is available for purchase, should you want to spice your sushi rolls or Mongolian pork with a bit of Techno bliss. The premium hop soy sauce is priced at €25.00, and you can grab one for yourself via this link.