Blanke Produces Moving Collab ‘Used to Losing You’

Blanke got together with helloworld, Luma, and JT Roach to produce ‘Used to Losing You‘. Their collaboration is touching, and Luma and JT Roach’s duet makes the tune even more emotionally powerful.

The song brings together the best of lyricism and EDM creation. Additionally, it shows the individualism of each artist who came together to make the tearjerking track happen. Blanke is ecstatic to make the track with some of his close friends; check out what he said about it here:

“So happy to be collaborating with so many friends on this song! Brit (Luma), JT, and Drew (helloworld) are all incredible artists and friends of mine. Luma and JT portray such a vulnerable story. I think we’ve put together something truly moving, beautiful, and unique. We hope you love it like we do!”

Besides his latest track, the famous Australian DJ is rolling on his Earth to the Stars tour. He’s already sold out multiple dates, and it features two sets from him at each stop, one as his ÆON:MODE alias and one as Blanke.

There is more to come from Blanke in 2023, but for the time being, keep your eyes on his social channels and check out ‘Used to Losing You’ below.