BASSNECTAR: Unlock The Other Side

The Bassnectar alias is back with exclusive new music and a membership program called “The Other Side” for its dedicated fans. The alias is operated by a group of individuals who want to bring back the treasured memories and community that once was before the allegations against the original creator of Bassnectar, Lorin Ashton. This does not mean Lorin is not part of the comeback. This could very well be his way of coming back to the EDM world after 3 years of silence.

What is “The Other Side” exactly?

“The Other Side” is a free and paid community that offers exclusive Bassnectar music, live event tickets, mixtapes, and announcements. Also, it includes replays of past events such as his Freestyle events, Basscenter, and more. It is an all-in-one stop for anyone who still has an itch for Bassnectar.

On the website, they even say they will be featuring new artist every month along with podcast style interviews with certain individuals. The “FREESTYLE” free membership includes most of this except the live event tickets, behind-the-scenes content, unreleased material, and much more.

If you want it all, you’ll have to sign up for the paid “UNLOCKED” version of the membership. If you do now, it will include an early bird discount and an instant sneak peak at the new Bassnectar album “The Golden Rule“. You will also be able to join the UNLOCKED Discord group.

This announcement is only the start to this hub circled around the Bassnectar alias and its fans. The full version of “The Other Side” is not open yet. It will be open in the next few months for members. Also, there will be a new mobile app dedicated to the project. The website is only on mobile right now while the desktop version is getting its final tweaks.


The only information we have on this subject is a single post on the Bassnectar Instagram page, a reddit string, and the prelaunch website. Check the mobile site out yourself to get the full description of what to come in this new world of Bassnectar.