Axwell Finally Releases Very Awaited “Behold” via Dropbox

We had already lost hope. ‘Behold’, the acclaimed intro of Axwell & Ingrosso for many years is finally getting a release-Kind of. Played for the first time at Ultra Music Festival in Miami in 2018, ‘Behold’ is a banger intro that only the Swedes can make.

Asked yesterday by a fan about the release of the track, Axwell simply dropped the track on Dropbox, as he has a habit of doing with tracks that will ultimately never be released. This production remains a true masterpiece of efficiency like Axwell masters delivering in the electronic music industry.

One thing to know is that ‘Behold’ has 2 very different versions. Both were played at the time by Axwell & Ingrosso. It is the second version that got released and you can listen to it just below.

Dropbox Link.