Awakenings Festival Releases Stacked Lineup For Summer Festival Edition

There are few festivals as big as Awakenings Festival inside the dance music scene. Every year the famous techno festival gathers some of the best artists on the scene to curate one of the biggest parties in the world. Today, Awakenings released their lineup for one of their biggest festivals yet. The summer edition, which will take place from July 7 up until July 9 released an incredible lineup featuring dozens of big names, terrific artists and up and comers which will give the town of Hilvarenbeek a unique weekend.

Awakenings Festival

Awakenings 2023 brings forth a lineup curated to allow its attendees to experience the full might of techno. The genre that began the road which set us all here has fewer houses as notorious as the one you will find at Awakenings.

House Music, dance music’s other grandfather has also made a place for itself inside this notorious event. Groovy rhythms, unique grooves, and juicy basslines we’ll keep everyone dancing through the entire event.

Once again, Awakenings proves itself a step above the competition. The Dutch festival is, without a doubt, the best in its type around the region and its lineup certifies it.

Awakenings Releases

Below you can find the lineup for this exciting new edition of Awakenings Festival. 120 artists representing the current best of techno and house music will all gather to make the Netherlands vibrate on a new level. All your favorites and all the names you never knew but need to will be there. The first tickets will be released today so make sure to get yours here!

Awakenings Festival 2023 Lineup