Vintage Culture Drops New Single, If I Live Forever, Feat. Izzy Bizu + Announces Debut Album

Vintage Culture is back in the news, & this time he is bringin Izzy Bizu along for the ride. The two have just collaborated on their latest single ‘If I Live Forever.’ Bizu is a British singer-songwriter, who caught her break thanks to her hit single ‘White Tiger’. In the past she’s worked with everyone from ODESZA, Ferreck Dawn, Milky Chance, and even Tom Enzy. Now, she adds Vintage Culture to the mix. If you’re a fan of either of these artists, this is a tune that you do not want to miss.

New Tune, New Album, New Label

Vintage Culture recently took to instagram to make a couple of announcements. In an emotional Instagram post, the young legend took to time to announce not just a new track, but also his upcoming debut album. Similarily, he also announced the fact that they would both be dropping on his brand new label. If you’re a fan of Vintage Culture you know how huge this is! If you’re interested in reading the original Instagram post, you can do so here.

Izzy & Culture’s new tune, ‘If I Live Forever’ is a lively big room house track. This is a tune that combines Izzy’s enticing vocals with Vintage Culture’s innovative sound design. The Brazilian master’s new sound is a departure from what he has come to be known for. After having given it a listen, it clear to see that the song teases an artistic development we did not expect. Having said, this is an evolution that is sure to become clear in upcoming releases as the year goes on.

Debut Album

When asked about his debut album, and upcoming single, Culture had the following to say:

“Culture, a community. Together we are all part of this dream. Together we are entering a new phase. “If I Live Forever”, it’s available worldwide. This is the first track from my debut album, which will be the fulfillment of another lifelong dream.” 

On the track, he had the following to say:

“I’m proud to begin 2023 with ‘If I Live Forever’ – my first collaboration with the talented UK vocalist, Izzy Bizu. I was inspired by Izzy’s vocal performance to create a track that would work great in the clubs and jump from the radio. Let’s begin the new year with a positive and upbeat vibe. ‘If I Live Forever’ is the perfect track to start our next journey.”

Similarly, when asked about the origins of the track, Izzy had the following to say:

“‘If I Live Forever’ is about feeling blue about the loss of my father. It was originally acoustic then I sang it in the studio, over a dance beat and it turned into something more hopeful and euphoric. For anyone that’s lost someone I hope this helps you keep their soul alive.” 

With a run time of four minutes and thirty-nine seconds, this is a tune that you might want to play on repeat. Having said that, V.C & Izzy Bizu’s ‘If I Live Forever’ is a sun-kissed vocal house tune that is just what we needed to start the year. If you needed anything to get you hyped for Vintage Culture’s upcoming debut album, this is it! Vintage Culture & Izzy Bizu’s ‘If I Live Forever’ is out now on Vintage Culture’s own, BOMA Records. the record can be streamed below, enjoy!

Vintage Culture, Izzy Bizu – If I Live Forever | STREAM