San Holo Releases Emotionally Charged Single ‘DON’T LOOK DOWN’

With DJ/producer San Holo, everything is personal when it comes to each beat, note, treble, and bassline that he composes. Every musical element paints a story and each lyric a memory that dives into exploration of purpose and emotion. Every release brings us a little bit closer into his world alongside all of his listeners. ‘DON’T LOOK DOWN‘ is the mental health advocate’s latest invitation to that world.

‘DON’T LOOK DOWN’ is the boost of energy that we all need whenever we feel overwhelmed or stressed about life. When times get tough this is the track to vibe with and remind us to keep our heads up. From start to finish, listeners enter the sonic laden world that Holo has crafted that is boasting of energy while keeping the listening experience intimate and vulnerable. San Holo partnered up with vocalist Lizzy Land whose credits include co-writes and features on songs with Alesso, Kasbo, Paul Oakenfold, EMBRZ, Jerro, and more.

“DON’T LOOK DOWN is here to remind you that your doubts and negative thoughts are just like clouds passing by. We easily get caught up in the noise of everyday life, myself included. I hope this song can help you keep your head up, and give you the strength to keep going! This song means so much to me and was written from the heart!” -San Holo