John Summit’s Zamna Tulum Set is Now Live

Recently, John Summit went to Zamna Tulum to play one of his world famous sets during the last moments of day light. After performing in the jungle, he took to Twitter to announce he is posting the live recording online. It is now live on Youtube and Soundcloud for everyone to listen to and enjoy.

FYI, this isn’t your normal John Summit set – this one brings the trippy vibes and a whole new style. It would be very unlike John to play the same music at every set. His ability to genre swap while keeping the crowd dancing shines during the final hours of sunset in Tulum. Festival goers at the show loved it and danced their night away.

Zamna Tulum YouTube video

If you want a promising DJ set with a lot of energy, John Summit is your DJ. There is never a time the house music legend doesn’t break a leg on stage. The YouTube video of his Zamna Tulum set consist of him coexisting with his fans around the Pioneer DJ decks and moving to his own addicting beats. You can also see from the crowd’s POV in portions of the video. You can tune in and watch below.

Zamna Tulum Soundcloud stream

If video isn’t your way to go, you can stream the John Summit Zamna Tulum set on Soundcloud. It consist of the same audio from the Youtube video and packs the same amount of dance punch. Tune in now for an hour of some of the best house music to reach your ears. You can stream the set here.