From Demo To Dance Floor: How A FaderPro Student Got Signed

zac faderpro

Australian barber, Zac Zacharia got some exciting news that might take him from running a barbershop to running up the Beatport charts. Back in July 2022, the music production teaching platform FaderPro (home to hundreds of music production courses) ran a “Finish My Demo contest“. They wanted to give students the opportunity to send in a demo which would be given the professional treatment by pro mixing and production engineer Mark Maitland. From all the entries, they settled on Zac’s track ‘Things You Do’ for Mark to work his magic and turn into a dance floor banger.

Zac was, of course, super excited to hear the news and after sending his stems to Mark. Mark headed into the studio to film the transformation. He then took the 3 minute demo, broke it down, worked on all the aspects that so many would-be producers struggle with – the arrangement, the sounds, the processing, mixing and mastering. The final result? A perfect 6 minute Tech House track ready for the dance floor.

The track was shopped to numerous labels and has now been signed to Groove Bassment! It’ll soon see its official release. And now you can watch the entire transformation process in Mark’s course From Demo to Dance floor.

Check out the full details and story behind Zac’s journey with FaderPro here!