Andrew Rayel, Robbie Seed, Jimmy Chou, and That Girl Team Up On ‘I Wish’

This week’s feel-good track comes from a slew of artists banding together. Andrew Rayel, Robbie Seed, Jimmy Chou, and That Girl came together for a huge Trance collaboration. ‘I Wish‘ tells a beautiful story that will have you smiling from ear to ear. Energetic, melodious, euphoric, and charged with heavenly vocals, this emotive banger from the Moldovan tastemaker’s ‘Lifeline’ album equals goosebumps from start to finish.

The vocals are sensational right out of the gate. You can feel the emotion of this story. I believe it resonates with each of these artists. With some serious long rising tension, when the drop hits you will not be able to stop yourself from moving. I can already see the scene at a festival holding someone you love. Fireworks going off in the background. Make sure to say there as you don’t want them to leave your side to this one.

I think the only thing we wish for is an extended version. But, putting this on a loop does the trick too. Andrew Rayel is currently on tour which you can check out here. Make sure to check out ‘I Wish’ below for a good time.