an error occurred Drops 5-Track EP, ‘phonk_ep.exe’

Kicking off 2023 with a fresh style of production, an error occurred presents his mind-bending five-track EP, phonk_ep.exe. This release is the perfect follow up release to an error occurred’s debut album, life is probably a simulation

A rising star in the realm of EDM, an error occurred uses a high level of production that pushes the boarders of sound design and genre. He is bringing in a new era of phonk music by channeling his one-of-a-kind sound and experimentation with various production tricks. Also, he known for his electric sound and discography of different keys, tempos, and vibes.

The ‘phonk_ep.exe’ EP

Due to the fact that each track on phonk_ep.exe embodies a different key, tempo, and overall vibe from the rest, an error occurred takes listeners on an auditory roller coaster of energy levels and emotions. Resembling its title, phonk is the central theme of the EP, woven into each song in a unique way. While ‘clutch‘ boasts a fast-paced hypnotic bassline, other tracks such as ‘drift‘ and ‘midnight‘ slow things down with mesmerizing soundscapes and effects. In its entirety, phonk_ep.exe is full of shocking twists and turns that keep its audience on the edge of their seat.

an error occurred, A gaming music legend

Taking the stage and gathering millions of streams isn’t error’s only area of play. He is well-known for his sync licenses in competitive gaming for Riot Games’ Valorant and trailers for Krafton’s PUBG. Two very popular world wide games. His music is perfect for the fast pace of todays gaming and the digital world.


The future is bright for an error occurred as he continues to showcase his artistic vision to the world. His grasp on his electronic sounding style makes his music one of a kind and perfect in its own way. Tune into an error occurred’s new EP for your next dance routine or gaming session.

Stream ‘phonk_ep.exe’ below.