Gelida Drops a Powerful Mix of His Top 10 Tracks of 2022

Before the new year begins, we asked Gelida to prepare a special mix with his favorite tracks of the year. And here it is: packed with powerful bangers; this is the sound of 2022, according to Gelida. 

  1. Said The Sky, Illenium, Chelsea Cutler – Walk Me Home 

I have loved the music from Illenium for years, and this collab with his old friend Said The Sky really got my attention when it was released back in February! The vibe, the chords, the arrangement and so on, are for me, really really good, topped with amazing vocals from Chelsea Cutler!  

  1. The Chainsmokers – I Love U 

The Chainsmokers decided to take a 3 year break, to work on their new album, while also taking a break from touring and so on. Thankfully, 2022 was the year they dropped their album ‘So Far So Good’, which included a bunch of sick songs, but my favorite is without a doubt ‘I Love U’. My two favorite parts of the song are the break with the insanely cool drum loop and of course the drop!  

  1. Gelida & Otto Palmborg – Talk  

I have included three tracks of mine, each with their own reason. I have chosen to include ‘Talk’, since it’s one of my favorite tracks of all time. The chords, topline and the amazing vocals from Otto just create a perfect vibe for me. Since the day we started working on it, I knew this would be one of the top tracks of mine! 

  1. Kygo, Gryffin, Calum Scott – Woke Up In Love  

This one is my favorite track of 2022. When Kygo uploaded a sneak peek on Instagram, and I listened to this one, I was floored. I saw it was a track by him alongside Gryffin and Calum Scott, them all are some of the artists I really enjoy listening to! This was for me a top-tier track, and I’m not done listening to it yet. 

  1. Jonas Blue, Julian Perretta – Perfect Melody  

The title of this track really speaks for itself. The melody Jonas Blue created in this track is so catchy and caught my attention really fast. The groove, vibe and especially the vocals really did something to me during the summer! What a track to listen to while you enjoying your summer holidays! 

  1. Gelida & RYBERG – Unforgettable 

I have chosen ‘Unforgettable’ since it was the most popular track of mine in 2022. It got the most streams and a massive support from labels like Spinnin Records, which was a fantastic achievement, and couldn’t see this mix without it! 

  1. Alesso Feat. Zara Larsson – Words 

This track from Alesso and Zara Larsson has such a vibe, even though it has a simple arrangement. It caught every radio’s attention and also mine, and was played over and over again. It was one of my top tracks in 2022, and therefore it is a part of this mix. 

  1. Alok feat. Au/Ra – Side Effect  

I listen to Alok a lot, but not every track that gets stuck in my head. However, this track was one of those I couldn’t stop listening to. The drop is definitely my favorite part, and as a producer myself, I love the sound selection and the automations he has done! Such a good track with an amazing vocalist. 

  1. MEDUZA, James Carter ft. Elley Duhé, FAST BOYBad Memories  

We all know that MEDUZA keeps creating hits, but for me, this one is my favorite. The topline they have made for this one is so catchy, and the hook is, as always, something that keeps repeating in your head. I simply love this track, and it has to be in this mix.  

  1. Gelida Ft. Freya Winski – Your Other Part 

I have chosen ‘Your Other Part’ because it is one of the first releases through mine and my partner’s own label Rever Records and the first track to be played on the biggest radio channel, DR P3, in Denmark. This was a mind-blowing experience and the first track of many with Freya Winski. I have done a lot of tracks with Otto Palmborg, and me and him still love working together, but making a track with a different local vocalist was also fun to do. Freya has an amazing voice and I really wanted this track to be included.  

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