Brownies & Lemonade to Celebrate 10 Years With Special Project

On December 23, Brownies & Lemonade will celebrate 10 years as a premier events company focusing on the cutting-edge dance and hip-hop realm. The company is known for showcasing new talent and underground artists in massive events, being one of the best to make EDM progress in the music industry.

To celebrate the milestone, Brownies & Lemonade organized a series of 10 pop-up parties that would bring the company back to its roots. As a matter of fact, B&L hosted these events with talented artists in particular places. For example, some of the parties took place in a laundromat, an abandoned zoo, and even an elevator. Not many people knew that these events were all part of the celebration.

Well, the celebration is not over yet. Apparently, a special project is in the books for the 10 year-anniversary of Brownies & Lemonade. The company have “enlisted the help of 10 artists that represent past, present, and future of B&L” for a project that is nothing like they ever done before. More info will come in the upcoming days, with a full reveal on Friday, December 23rd. If you can’t wait until the weekend, you can text “10” to the number in the full statement below and keep in check with Brownies & Lemonade socials.

Stay tuned for more news!