How Musician Matt Cooper Is Climbing His Way to the Top of the Music Industry

“Ain’t Met Us Yet” singer Matt Cooper is set to become the first-ever musician to give his closest fans lifetime access to his shows through an exclusive NFT fan club. After a stunning year that saw his debut single go viral on TikTok and take the #1 slot in the iTunes All-Genre Songs Chart, Cooper is ready to give back and reward his fans. The TikTok sensation has just launched a Virtual Single Experience, allowing his supporters to get a pretty much all-inclusive package with the song. With it, fans can access Matt’s music in every imaginable style “so that it fits and flows with your vision of your perfect wedding.”

Additionally, Matt has announced the launch of his new NFT fan club, Club Coop. The fan club is limited to only 10,000 of Matt’s closest fans and offers exclusive lifetime access to any of Matt’s shows, merch, and Livestream events. While Matt won’t be the first artist to curate a live performance in the metaverse, he will be the first to offer lifetime access to his fans. In a recent Instagram post, the “Wedding Song of The Year” singer stated he was excited to start this new chapter with his friends and welcomed his fans to join in the fun. “See y’all in the metaverse,” he posted.

In the world of country music, Matt is something of an anomaly. Since debuting in 2021, the 21-year-old has taken over TikTok with more than 22 million views on the platform and attracted millions of streams on Spotify and Apple Music. With a slew of awards already under his belt, including a Billboard Top 100 single, Rising Stars in Nashville, Hot Country Playlist, and 1M Followers on TikTok, Matt’s not your typical newcomer. While his catchy lyrics and heartwarming story of finding love may have attracted millions and made it appear as if success fell on his lap, Matt says nothing could be further from the truth.

As an independent musician, he knew he would have to be creative and innovative to get his music out into the world. After honing his skills and writing a fantastic song, he leveraged TikTok’s popularity and consistently pushed his clips on the platform. He woke up to a stupefying 13M views for one clip one morning, and suddenly everything changed. The phone started ringing nonstop, and his mailbox received more messages than ever. His newfound fame led to a recording contract that enabled him to release extended and radio versions of “Ain’t Met Us Yet.” Both went on to break records and earned him more fans across social media and streaming platforms.

Since then, Matt has released his debut EP, new songs, and a music video. He’s also been experimenting with new sounds in readiness for new projects. “You’ll be seeing a few different sides of me in the next few months, which I’m really excited for,” he reported in a past interview with World of Country. As much as he looks forward to hosting amazing parties in the metaverse, Matt says nothing can beat live, physical performances. His dream is to play his songs to 20,000 of his closest fans at Madison Square Garden one day soon.