Don Diablo Releases Addicting Single ‘Journey (Take Me Where You Wanna)’

Future house phenomenon Don Diablo is back with another 2022 single called ‘Journey (Take Me Where You Wanna)’. This track gives off his bouncy and dance-like style. He announced earlier on Twitter that he “Wouldn’t want to be on this JOURNEY called LIFE without YOU” – a message that delivers the meaning of his new song.

Inside the Journey

Don Diablo’s new record opens up with a playful synth and voice repeating “take me where you wanna go“, with a funky house drum beat for the dancers. Then, after the vocal and arp build, a classic Don Diablo chord chop fills the air. These signature chord drops are known for their addicting rhythms and one of a kind sound. If you have ever been to a Don Diablo set, you know his playful sound in his music.

Continuing, Don Diablo’s ‘Journey’ plunges into a break and emphasizes its pads and ambient brilliance. The vocal comes back and is followed by another signature drop. The song ends after the second drop, with a slow fade out.

Don Diablo has no shortage of high-energy dance tracks, and we can’t wait for whatever he has planned next for us.

Don Diablo – Journey (Take Me Where You Wanna)