Deadmau5 and REZZ Will Play B2B at a Festival This Summer

Canadian DJ and record producer REZZ announced on Twitter that she and fellow Canadian producer Deadmau5 will be B2B headlining a festival in 2023. The pair have a long history and recently made waves with their collaboration Hyponocurrency.

Details are scant at the moment, but this would mark REZZ’s first official B2B set or event. She recently launched her own label, Hypnovizion so fans can most likely expect lots of acts from there in the lineup as well as Deadmau5’s own label Mau5trap; A full circle moment, as Mau5trap was one of the first labels REZZ herself was signed onto early in her career. Some of her most popular EPs and Albums (i.e. Mass Manipulation, Something Wrong Here, Certain Kind of Magic) were released through Mau5trap.