Steve Aoki Shows Off His Custom Bored Ape Jeans to Drag Race Alum Mo Heart

American DJ, record producer and record executive Steven Hiroyuki Aoki, best known as Steve Aoki, is also an avid NFT (Non-fungable token) collector and very vocal about his support of the culture. Recently the international DJ superstar was featured on the Amazon Music curated YouTube show hosted by RuPaul’s Drag Race Alumni Mo Heart title The Walk In, where Mo “walks in” to various fashionable musical artists’ closets to do fun interviews and talk about their style.

The video kicks with Mo introducing Steve’s impressive background and love for fashion. Mo gets a quick tour of Steve’s house and then walks in into a studio session. The two quickly dive into the closet, where they chat about Steve’s introduction to music, fashion, as well as his inspiration. Steve tells Mo about throwing parties when he was only making $50 a gig to starting his label DIM MAK–which put artists like Bloc Party and The Kills in the spotlight. Today, Steve spends his time doing everything from hand-painting designer clothes to making NFTs with Snoop Dogg. Many of his featured clothing pieces are printed NFT designs.