Seven Lions Releases First Ever Album: Beyond the Veil

After a decade of music, dance music legend Seven Lions releases his first-ever album Beyond The Veil, a full-length project that fans have been waiting for, especially after having teased the album tracks at countless festival headlines this past year.

The album includes twelve original tracks that challenge and evolve the current melodic bass and dubstep sound that Seven Lions helped pioneer. Massive crossover stars Lights and Vancouver Sleep Clinic, as well as dance music singer/songwriters Mija, GG Magree, and JT Roach are featured on the record, which delves into dance-pop, downtempo, acoustic, house, ambient, and cross-genre territory. In a recent interview with him at New York City’s Electric Zoo, he mentioned that there are no collaborations on this album. That was one of the things he really wanted to make sure that the entire album was a statement of his artistry and inspiration.

“During the pandemic, I had a lot of time to myself, a lot of time to just go for walks with my dog Khaleesi. A lot of these songs are inspired by what I was listening to at that time, when I was just alone, walking through the forest. Tonally, this album shifted my sound a bit to a more organic sound, and one that is less reliant on synths. This album is the first and possibly last album for me. I had an amazing time writing it and I feel like I got to tell a story that I normally can’t tell in just an EP or single. Definitely one for the long time fans. It’s something I’m incredibly proud of.”

— Seven Lions

Listen to the full album below and let us know your thoughts!