Limewire Partners Up With Ushuaïa and Hï Ibiza Nightclubs

Back in the day, Limewire was one of the most popular peer-to-peer file-sharing programs. It allowed millions of people to download music, images, software, and videos. As some of you may know, LimeWire was shut down in October 2010 due to a legal battle between the company and the Recording Industry Association of America. However, it recently made a comeback as an NFT marketplace specializing in art, music, and entertainment. Last week, the company announced the formation of a partnership with Ushuaïa and Hï Ibiza nightclubs. Let’s take a look at what this association consists of.

LimeWire Originals NFT holders will enjoy free VIP access to both clubs for free throughout the 2022 season. The company is betting on the reopening of Ibiza this summer for this partnership to work. Obviously, the pandemic hit hard on the popular destination – Ibiza nightlife was dormant since the beginning of the pandemic – so the summer of 2022 should be one of the biggest ones yet. Paul and Julian Zehetmayr, LimeWire’s Co-CEOs released a joint statement on the matter.

“Providing our LimeWire Original holders with exclusive access during this first full season since the pandemic sets the benchmark for the types of real-life experiences we intend to unlock for our customers. This is the first of many LimeWire partnerships, which will bring NFT music experiences to life— beyond just visual art.”

Ibiza regulars can add their email to the waitlist for an opportunity to get one of the Limewire NFTs. Only 500 of those digital collectibles will be available for pre-sale. Make sure to add your email if you want a chance at this cool opportunity.

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