Sam Paganini – Rave (Adam Beyer & Layton Giordani Remix)

Adam Beyer and Layton Giordani team up for a killer remix of Sam Paganini’s track ‘Rave‘, out now on Drumcode. This iconic original track released back in 2014. It stakes its claim as a universally great techno tune. Now, we see it galloping fast with relentless drums and bass.

Sam Paganini On The Original

He initiated the idea in 2013, gaining inspiration and influence from ‘The Search’ by Trancesetters. This perfect opening track sparked the fire for his work. He wanted something unexpected and extraordinary in the break that raptured everyone. Add a female vocal for mystery and atmosphere along with experimental sounds on the Moog and you have it. After demo-ing for years, it’s now under the respectable and capable hands of the new generation.

‘Rave’ Today On Drumcode

Firstly, the duo makes the track rampage over the listeners’ ears. They bring back the iconic stealthy riff and highlight it, as it mesmerizes your mind. Secondly, it is powerful, with delay and reverb at every corner coupled with wild vocal motifs. In the original, you get the famous breakdown and drop. Lastly, you get a double breakdown for the remix with haunting war cries just before the drums start again. In addition, the frenetic synth strings will twitch all your nerves.

“When I signed Sam Paganini’s ‘Satellite’ album back in early 2014, I quickly realized that the track ‘Rave’ was going to be a defining record for Drumcode. I was confident it was a hit…I realized just how big it became. The word ‘anthem’ isn’t a word I’d use lightly but ‘Rave’ was, for me, and for many of the Drumcode family across the world. [The] anthem that defined that period. You couldn’t go to events at that time without hearing ‘Rave’, often multiple times in the same night. [When] that signature hook, vocal and drop landed – the crowds would respond. They loved it. And so did I.”

Adam Beyer, on ‘Rave’

According to Beyer, Paganini has a deep understanding of production prowess. He harnesses all energy and emotion on all dance floors. Remixing a magnanimous track like this would require extra love and care. For Layton and Adam, they kept as much of the “original magic and signature ingredient as possible”. But they also “administered a solid injection of 2022 energy and punch”. Recognized as the biggest record release on DC, getting this chance is a definingly proud moment for both artists.

“This will be the remix I’ll be most proud of probably for the rest of my life. It connects my younger self to where it all began and to the artist I’ve become today. It’s really an exciting new chapter in my relationship with Drumcode.”

Layton Giordani

So, check out what the hype is all out with their remix below.

Sam Paganini – Rave (Adam Beyer & Layton Giordani Remix) | Buy/Stream