KILL SCRIPT Explores His Melodic Side With ‘Line In The Sand’

The American DJ and producer KILL SCRIPT returns with a smashing record to add to his growing arsenal of masterful productions, exploring his most melodic side. Out on June 3rd via Armada MusicLine In The Sand‘ feat. Linney, a further glimpse into his compositional side and a step away from the hard-hitting style he’s effectively made his own. 

KILL SCRIPT is becoming an interesting musician in the hardest and most imposing techno fields that we can find on the continent. Although recently he has decided to present his most melodic and smooth version in several singles.

Line in the sand is the story of rebirth. Being between so many opinions and views and thoughts recently. led to some hard discussions and ultimately made me create some harsh boundaries. I found at the inception of this song, my music was reflecting that heavily as well. A line in the sand has always been my way of describing the moment where I stop and start again. A lot of the story I’ve told has been about getting out of what’s holding us back and resetting. This track is the true embodiment of that.”


KILL SCRIPT- ‘Line in The Sand’

Starting off with solemn chords to set the mood, ‘Line In The Sand’ showcases the dynamic skillset and creativity possessed by KILL SCRIPT that has catapulted him to stardom across the electronic music scene. This is a song that evokes the full gauntlet of music-driven emotions: nostalgia, bliss, anticipation, release, and more. At times, it encloses us in an environment of works more typical of progressive or melodic techno. With some touches of old works by the producer

Linney’s vocals mesh seamlessly with the layers of sweeping synth work as the LA-based producer continues to put his charismatic spin on modern techno. Always evolving, innovating, and never settling, KILL SCRIPT’s time is now – watch this space.

You can listen to KILL SCRIPT and Linney- ‘Line in The Sand’ below!