Vintage Culture Welcomes The Summer Season With Brand New Track ‘This Feeling’

Vintage Culture is back! Brazil’s biggest producer is ready to enter the year’s best season. Today, Vintage Culture released his brand new track ‘This Feeling’. It is yet another excellent tech-house banger by the South American superstar. ‘This Feeling’ was released through the American label Insomniac Records.

Vintage Culture

2022 has been a good year for Vintage Culture so far. After cementing his role as a big player inside house music last year, the DJ has delivered some massive performances all around the globe. On top of it all, to tie this successful year together, the Brazillian DJ has released yet another massive record.

Vintage Culture Teams Up With Goodboys

For the release of ‘This Feeling’ Vintage Culture teams up with one of the most successful duos in today’s scene. British duo Good Boys. Known for countless hit songs such as ‘Lose Control’ ‘Bongo Cha Cha Cha!’, the duo and the Brazilian producer are a match made in heaven for those who like the powerful basslines and the grooves of the four by four.

This Feeling

Powerful chorus. Saws. Hard kicks teamed up with a gritty bassilne. Yeah, you got your classical house song. Putting Vintage Culture and Goodboys together in a song is definitely a smart move. You’ll find yourself not wanting ‘This Feeling’ to end as the song proves itself a catchy track that will for sure dominate the charts. Tech house itself has become a saturated market. However, it is collaborations like this one that remind us there’s still much to this genre. It’s all about finding the right artists and sounds.

Congratulations, Vintage Culture & Goodboys. This is a proper underground banger brought right into the face of the mainstream.

Stream Vintage Culture’s latest track featuring Goodboys ‘This Feeling’ out everywhere now!

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