Sparkler Ignites Dance Floor Fire at London Nightclub

Baby, You’re A Firework. Those lyrics were playing in the wee Sunday hours of the morning at the Little Orange Door Nightclub in Clapham, London. People were dancing with sparklers in concert with the Katy Perry song. But at some point, one of the sparklers connected with something flammable, and the dance floor caught fire.

The neighborhood bar, which held over 100 people that evening, quickly bottlenecked at the exits, and many people were bruised, scraped, and burned. Footage at the scene shows just how big the flames were able to get. Four people were treated for smoke inhalation, and one was hospitalized. Thankfully, rescue workers and firemen were able to control the fire within an hour. 

The Little Orange Door released a public apology on their Instagram stating:

“First and foremost: we are incredibly relieved that no one was seriously injured and that it was contained quickly. To all those in attendance: we are truly sorry. We are taking this incredibly seriously and understand how scary it must have been.”

Perhaps they should use a larger orange door next time.