On his birthday today, Derek Andersen, aka half of SLANDER, posted a heartfelt note on social media revealing the best gift fans could hope for. The “heaven trap” duo are working on their “biggest body of music” yet – and going on tour this fall. Andersen revealed what’s ahead for him and his counterpart Scott Land after profusely thanking their supporters, as they so graciously have done in the past.

“Today is my birthday and I wanted to share a status update of how I’ve been feeling,” Andersen began. He then revealed he’s regained optimism which “reignited my inspiration to make music in a huge way.”

“In the works is the biggest body of music we have ever made,” Andersen wrote.

“I don’t want to spoil anything else on that front, but again I truly thank you for bringing back my inspiration to write music.”

Andersen’s optimism comes from joys and blessings in 2021. Specifically, SLANDER selling out their first solo Red Rocks Amphitheater show, closing the Lost Lands main stage and their epic track “Love Is Gone” going gold.

“Hoping doesn’t feel futile anymore, and honestly that is the best feeling ever. It is a massive relief,” Andersen wrote. “I’m really surprised I can even type those previous words and truly believe them. I feel like I have turned a corner, and I’m on my way back home.”

That’s certainly a relief for fans of the Los Angeles producers, who are known for blending emotional tunes with the dirtiest of drops.

Upcoming Shows and Tour

Andersen also shared his excitement for playing Coachella this coming weekend and next.

“Literally the best birthday present I could ever ask for,” Andersen said. “Scott and I have been waiting over 10 years to play a main set in the Sahara..” He explained that the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 swept away their dream of playing on the stage dedicated to dance music.

“I would say it’s one of the most significant goals we had when we started SLANDER that we still haven’t checked off yet,” Andersen wrote.

Coachella is just the start of what seems to be shaping up as a heavy-hitting year for SLANDER. The buddies since college “will be jumping on a tour bus and going on the road once again” this fall. Andersen promises all will be revealed in the next several months.

“My true purpose in life is to be a conduit for happiness for others, and in doing this that is what makes me happy,” Andersen concluded. “Thank you for walking this journey with me. I love you more than you know.”

No, thank you Derek, and happy birthday!