Grum returns to Anjunabeats with a stunning single titled ‘Disconnected‘. It features Sealine on vocals and this track is from his forthcoming album Unreality. We’re seeing Grum’s new sound even more now, with this single showcasing the conscientious edge he puts forth in his productions. The Deep State label head will release his new album on June 24th, with his most reflective work to date.

This is about remembering our humanity, which perhaps we lost a little bit over the last couple of years. [Maybe] we can get a bit of it back in the dark, under some strobe lights.

Grum, on Unreality

The single itself is an indie-spirited tech-progressive hybrid. Sealine’s vocals add flair to the dark tone, while Grum incorporates his special synths to elevate the melody. Giving off a retro vibe, the sound is sultry and empowering. It holds energy in the drop and bassline, perfect for the darkest of dancefloors, and sets the tone for his new album. It is expected to be a reflection of Grum’s emotional journey through lockdown and broken into two halves.

The first half mostly came about in the first summer of the pandemic. With all that time on my hands, and as a form of therapy, I started rediscovering a lot of 80s music I loved and hadn’t listened to for a long time. This turned into doing special 80s livestreams to connect with my fans. There is definitely a bit of longing here for simpler and happier times.

The second half came about as things dragged on and has a darker, apocalypse rave feel to it; everything is screwed but let’s try and have a good time anyway”.

Not only can you look forward to his cataclysmic new music, you can join him on phase one of his Unreality summer tour. He stops at 18 locations across North America from San Francisco, Las Vegas, Chicago, Toronto, and more. Until then, check out his latest track below.

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