Spotify Closes Russian Offices Following Invasion on Ukraine

Spotify is taking their stand against the Russian invasion of Ukraine and closed their Moscow offices “indefinitely”. The company is “deeply shocked and saddened by the unprovoked attack on Ukraine”. Spotify’s first priority is the safety of their employees and to ensure they continue to serve as an important source of global and regional news. In addition, the music streaming mogul will provide support to their Moscow personnel and the global community of Ukrainian employees.

They’ve reviewed thousands of content since the start of the war. What’s more, is they restricted the discoverability of RT and Sputnik content from EU and other markets. But their reality also includes “keeping their service operational in Russia to allow for the global flow of information”. The company will match employee donations to humanitarian efforts in the country two-to-one.

Live Nation also joins the world in strongly condemning the invasion by ceasing business with Russia including concert promotions.

“We will not promote shows in Russia, and we will not do business with Russia. We’re in the process of reviewing our vendors so we can cease work with any and all Russian-based suppliers.”

Live Nation

Even Apple stopped all product sales in Russia, expressing their deep concerns with the invasion and stand against those suffering as a result of the violence. The European Union ordered YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok to block Russian accounts. Google followed suit in its respective app store. The pressure applied to Russia’s economy is a notable move backed by the rest of the world. Spotify’s ban is a light touch approach to content moderation and one that many follow. Netflix has paused projects and acquisitions in Russia, along with any current film productions.

We’ll continue to monitor the activities of the Ukraine invasion, and hope everyone is safe and stays strong.

Source: Mixmag, The Verge