SIDEPIECE Aren’t Wasting Time in 2022 with New Single ‘Don’t Keep Me Waiting’

SIDEPIECE are back with their second release of 2022. ‘Don’t Keep Me Waiting‘ takes the American duo in a new yet familiar direction.

It reminds me fondly of their ‘Deep End’ Remix. A heavy bassline drop is complemented with panning string plucks capturing our ears.

This track is club-ready and we are stoked to hear it live at their upcoming tour stops in New York and Los Angeles. Consisting of Party Favor and Nitti Gritti, SIDEPIECE has taken dance music by storm over the last two years. ‘On My Mind’ with Diplo got them on the board.

Everything they put out now seems to be a hit, including their newest dancefloor heater. Before this, the famed duo kicked off 2022 with the hypnotic track ‘Sextacy.’

‘Don’t Keep Me Waiting’ can set any dance floor ablaze. Here is what SIDEPIECE had to say about the new track:

“‘Don’t Keep Me Waiting’ is a record that we have been teasing for quite some time at our shows. From the moment we first heard the vocal, we knew there was something special about this record. The production came together super naturally, which is always a good sign. We wanted to make something that felt classic and new at the same time. We are so ready for this one to be out in the world and are so grateful for the support it has received so far!”

Additionally, their New York show sold out, but limited tickets are still available for LA; grab them here. And don’t forget to check out their latest release below.

Photo via Facebook @youasidepiece