Martin Garrix Drops 10 New IDs At Lollapalooza Chile

Videos have emerged of Martin Garrix‘s set at Lollapalooza Chile and they are insane. The crowd was absolutely electric. You can feel they have been waiting a long time to see Martin to throw down. Garrix did not disappoint and showed off a whopping 10 new tracks. These tracks have been rumored to be collaborations with Zedd, Blinders, Brooks, Dubvision, John Martin, and Julian Jordan.

Garrix has had a quiet last two years (in comparison to his first few). The Dutch DJ has always relied on festivals to show off new music and then of course, release it. But, as we know with the COVID-19 pandemic, there weren’t many shows going on. Martin took the time to release a different sound of tracks. While those were loved, I think his true fans longed for a return of who we remember.

With this Summer being what we hope to be a full festival season once again, expect a revival Martin’s old sound. While also in South America, he stopped at Lollapalooza Argentina for another fire performance. I highly recommend giving both sets a watch.

We begin to wonder what Martin has in store for Ultra Miami this weekend?